Nabi Danial (Alihissalam)

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Allah had sent about 124,000 Prophets (Anbiya – Alihimu Ssalam) to convey His messages to the mankind. Among them were 313 Mursaleen (Alihimu Ssalam) who were given direct orders to propagate Allah’s message to the mankind. Five among them namely Nooh, Ibrahim, Moosa, Easa and Mohammad (Salawathullahi Alihim Ajmaeen) have special position called Ulul Azm . Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alihi Wasallam is the last Prophet.

Descendants of Prophet Ya’eqoob Alihimu Ssalam is called Banoo Israeel. Allah had sent many Prophets to this tribe. Moosa Alihimu Ssalam and Easa Alihimu Ssalam are prominent among them. Prophet Yousuf Alihi Saalam (son of Ya’eqoob Alihimu Ssalam) had ruled Egypt for some time. Historical facts show that ‘Banoo Israel’ inhabited Egypt for a long time.

Prophet Danial (Alihi Ssalam) is among Banoo Israel. Exact era when he lived is not known to me. His Qabr is conserved in Alexandria, Egypt in a Musjid in an area named ‘Mantiqa Nabi Danial’.

Qabr of Luqmanul Hakeem (Raliyallahu Anhu) is adjacent to Nabi Danial. Luqmanul Hakeem is a well known Saint mentioned in Quran in a chapter by his own name. He is known for his sacrifice and wit and his advices towards his son have everlasting meanings.

We reached this busy street in an evening and parked our taxi little away from the site. We had to rush because after Esha prayers almost all Musjids in Egypt will be closed. This Qabr is inside the Musjid almost eight meters deeper than ground level. We stepped down cautiously through a wooden ladder and reached the Qabr and offered ‘Fatiha’ and dua.

Masjid Nabi Daniyal Alaihissalam, Maqam of Nabi Daniyal Alaihissalam and Luqmanul Hakeem (Raliyallahu Anhu)

Masjid Nabi Daniyal Alaihissalam, Maqam of Nabi Daniyal Alaihissalam and Luqmanul Hakeem (Raliyallahu Anhu)


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Imam Al Shafee (Raliya Allahu Anhu) Bibliotheca Alexandrina: Alexandrian Library

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    JAZAKALLAH! for the information…


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