Egypt – a glimpse of natural beauty

February 20, 2010 at 6:39 pm 3 comments

Egypt is a tourist’s haven because of its well maintained hereditary and monuments. But one would suggest the underlying green beauty of this country itself is an attraction to the visitors. The river Nile has to tell much on the prosperity of this land which has at the other hand biggest desert in the world!

If you travel along side of Nile the green sceneries will take you off from other thoughts. I always admire greenery as my own village is full of it. One of Cairo – Alexandria highway is cut through green fields. This highway is named as “Zerae’e” (over plantation) and there is another fast highway named “Sahrawy” (over desert). Our flight was from Alexandria Burg al Arab airport and we boarded in a Cairo hotel so we got opportunity to travel through this highway.

During our return trip in a fine sunny afternoon we could view the sights in close ups. Unfortunately we were in a hurry to reach Alexandria as we had plans for many other destination visits. We only managed to snap some photos on the move. We had seen many Orange fields, Olive farms, Banana cultivations, Mango plantations and last not the least Date palms! Along side the highway farm traders were selling the collections of the day. We even spared thought to buy some fresh ripe fruits but we couldn’t do it!


We saw many small tower-like structures having many holes and sticks kept across. We enquired our taxi driver and he explained it as ‘pigeon towers’! The birds used to take it as free boarding.

We saw an auto rikshaw (a 3 wheeler with driver in front and passenger seat in back). Egyptians call it ‘Tuk-tuk’, may be the name derived from the special sound it makes! According to one taxi driver they are not privileged to enter in City and they can ply in suburbs. Other common means of transport in village areas are mule and horse carts.

We diverted from ‘Tanta’ to take another route to ‘Dasouq’ through pure village greeneries. The sights were just amazing as we were traveling in a two way carriage way along side a tiny river. We saw many villagers in farm with cows, goats, buffalos and other livestock. Some people were waiting for transportation in small village towns but I couldn’t see any public transport buses servicing in the route. I exclaimed how these people used to travel for their daily commutes!

We also caught a glimpse of a wedding caravan just in front of our car heading towards a marriage hall. What we could assume is that wedding is a joyful yet noisy event everywhere!


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  • 1. Friend2all  |  February 24, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Excellent post!
    I like ur posts, esp when u r talking about ur journy.
    Ur description along with snaps brings the beauty of the sight right in front of us. Thank you so much!
    Hope to read you more and more

  • 2. ummuzahid  |  June 7, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Beautiful sights!! Really you are excellent!! May ALLAH bless you and your family……… Pls include us in ur prayers.

  • 3. RIVER 1  |  December 7, 2012 at 2:47 pm



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