Yaqoot al Arsh (ياقوت العرش رضي الله عنه)

March 30, 2010 at 7:45 pm 1 comment

Islam is an amazing religion with an astonishing social system that sets examples of superb equality among people of different culture, color and nationality. Verily there is no superiority for any of this aspect in Islam except for piety. There are plenty of examples in Islamic history for this socialism like Bilal Al Muadhin Raliya Allahu Anhu.

Think of somebody destined to be in slavery but freed and become one of the leaders of the Ummah. Our talk is about Yaqoot al Arsh Raliya Allahu Anhu who was an Ethiopian slave and later become student of Abul Abbas Al Mursi Raliya Allahu Anhu.

It was a wonderful twist of fate as the ship carrying Yaqoot al Arshi from Ethiopia to Alexandria was on the verge of being sunk. The merchant in the ship pledged Allah to grant a slave to Shaykh Abul Abbas Al Mursi Raliya Allahu Anhu if survived. But when reached at shore of Alexandria the salve with the merchant was injured. So he sold him and brought another salve to present to the Shyakh. But the Shyakh refused to accept this slave and asked the merchant to bring the salve he had sold. That slave was actually Shyakh Yaqoot al Arshi and Allah moved him to the presence of great Shaykh Abul Abbas Al Mursi Raliya Allahu Anhu.

Yaqoot al Arshi Raliya Allahu Anhu served his Shaykh for a long time and learned Tasawwuf from him and later became his Khalifa (vicegerent). The Shaykh married his daughter to Yaqoot al Arshi. He was Muadhin of Shaykh’s Mosque and it is heard that he will not do Adhan unless he hear Adhan from the Great ‘Arsh. His heart was always connected to the ‘Arsh and so is he named.

He used hear complaints from birds. Once a dove came to complain and told him to travel to Cairo. He went to Amru bin Aas Mosque and summoned the Muadhin there. He quizzed the Muadhin whether he slaughtered mate of this dove at Minaret of the Mosque. He replied ‘You are right’ and repented for the act and assured not to repeat it.

He had many students like Ibn Ataillah al Iskandari, Ibn al Sebagh (Author of Durrah Al Asrar), Shihabudhin al Mublaq, Shamsudhin al Laban, Fathullah al Ajmi. Great Moroccan explorer IBN BATOOTAH had met him in 725H. Shykh Yaqoot al Arshi Raliya Allahu Anhu passed away in 732H and his Maqam is in Alexandria near his Shaykh Abul Abbas Al Mursi Raliya Allahu Anhu.


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Abul Abbas Al Mursi Raliya Allahu Anhu نشيد يا إمام الرسل يا سندي

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    very good

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