Masjid Quba’ (مسجد قباء)

March 4, 2011 at 9:16 pm 5 comments

A normal Masjid itself is an arena of prosperity (بركة) and goodness (خير). Then how much it will be for a Masjid referred in Quran as ‘The Masjid built over foundation of piousness from first day’. It is Masjid Quba’ situated in outskirts of al Madinah al Munawwarah.

Its significance won’t end there. It is the first Masjid constructed by Rasoolullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) upon reaching Madinah. Its first stone was laid by hand of Rasoolullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) followed by the prime companions Abu Bakr al Ssiddiq (رضي الله عنه) and Umar bin Khattab (رضي الله عنه).

Many Hadiths are reported stating importance of Masjid Quba’

Ibn Umar (رضي الله عنهما) said: Rasoolullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) used to come to Masjid Quba’ walking or riding then pray two Rakaa’t there. (Reported in Sahih Muslim under chapter on significance of Masjid Quba’ and importance of praying from there)

Abe Umamah bin Sahl bin Haneef reported from his Father (رضي الله عنهما): Rasoolullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:  Anyone who started and reached this Masjid (meaning Masjidul Quba’) then prayed there, it has equivalence of performing an Umrah.

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Sacred Hair of Rasoolullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم), a precious collection! Makeenuddin al Asmar (مكين الدين الأسمر رضي الله عنه)

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  • 1. shafiq saeed  |  March 5, 2011 at 10:35 am

    Jzak Allah.
    Masha Allah,the new post of Masjid e Quba’ is most informative. with beautiful is my request to you please try to find out the images and history of ‘Lead Trench’ around the Masjid Nabvi.
    Thanks and may Allah Always Bless You.
    shafiq saeed Lahore Pakistan.

  • 2. muneer cp  |  March 5, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    ماشاء الله
    VERY NICE!!!

  • 3. abdul jaleel  |  March 7, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Jazaakalllah..very nice and informative.

  • 4. Kawan Setia  |  August 5, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    Masha Allah…This Is The First Mosque In My Heart Very Nice………..

  • 5. mahjouba landoulsi  |  February 26, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    please what’s the meaning of the word qubaa? thanks


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