Signs of the Hour – علامات الساعة

June 1, 2011 at 7:18 am 2 comments

Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said: ‘There are two types of the people of Hell whom I have not seen: people with whips like the tails of cattle, with which they beat the people, and women who are clothed but naked, walking with an tempting walk and with their heads looking like the humps of camels, leaning to one side. They will not enter Paradise and will not even smell its fragrance, although its fragrance can be detected from such and such a distance.’ (Narrated by Muslim, 2128)

The Last Day (يوم القيامة) of existence of this universe is sure to come. Allah only knows when it will happen. But Allah will show its signs for believers to prepare for this eventual hour. Many of such signs explained by Rasoolullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) are already started appearing giving shock and surprise to believers.

One of the sign explained in Hadith shown above is seen widespread now. In countries where Muslims are less we can imagine that ladies won’t wear headscarf and they might keep their hair bound over the head. But the implication of this Hadith is on ladies in our own community. The way some ladies are wearing the head scarf are really amazing for those who understand meaning of this prophecy of Rasoolullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم)

Allah knows best.

This Hadith is explained in by Shaikh Abdurrahman ibn Yusuf. Check following link.


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Fattabiouni-Newborn Maqbara Ummuna Hawwa(RA)-Jeddah

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  • 1. Harib  |  June 1, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Naoodu billaah…..Most of muslim girls wearing scarf like this. It will be more helpful to understant if you can include english translation also…

  • 2. nazeer pangod  |  June 18, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    good message


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