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Al-Azhar University, Cairo

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Maqam of Imam Jalaluddin al–Suyuti (Rali Allahu Anhu)

Maqam of Imam Jalaluddin al–Suyuti (Rali Allahu Anhu) -Egypt

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الحبيب محمد السقاف يشرح معرض السيرة النبوية في جدة

Lifestyle of Rasoolullah – an illustrative exhibition
ما شاء الله… فداك أبي و أمي يا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

This video is of an exhibition conducted in Jeddah, KSA which simulates items and materials used by Rasoolullahi Sallallahu Alihi Wasallam. Many samples are presented in a seemingly old appearance resembling the ones available almost 1430 years ago.

Our beloved Prophet is the leader of this universe. He is the first and prime person not only during His time but all times. Even mount Uhud was ready to be converted as gold for him. Still one would wonder the humble way He lived! The simple things he used in daily life.

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Shaikh Abdal-Hakim Murad singing Imam Al-Haddad’s poem (قدس الله سره)

قَدْ كَفَانِي عِلْمُ رَبِّي

My Lord’s knowledge has sufficed me

مِنْ سُؤَالِي وَاخْتِيَارِي

from asking or choosing

فَدُعَائِي وابْتِھَالِي

For my du’a and my agonising supplication

شَاھِدٌ لِي بِافْتِقَارِي

is a witness to my poverty

فَلِھَذَا السِّرِّ أَدْعُو

For this secret (reason) I make supplication

فِي يَسَارِيْ وَعَسَارِي

in times of ease and times of difficulty

أَنَا عَبْدٌ صَارَ فَخْرِي

I am a slave whose pride

ضِمْنَ فَقْرِي وَاضْطِرَارِي

is in his poverty and obligation

يَا إِلَھِي وَمَلِيْكِي

O my Lord and my King

أنْتَ تَعْلَمُ كَيْفَ حَالِي

You know my state

وَبِمَا قَدْ حَلَّ قَلْبِي

And what has settled in my heart

مِنْ ھُمُوْم وَاشْتِغَالِي

of agonies and preoccupations

فَتَدَارَكْنِي بِلُطْفٍ

Save me with a gentleness

مِنْكَ يَا مَوْلَى الْمَوَالِي

from You, O Lord of Lords

ً يَا كَرِيْمَ الْوَ جْهِ غِثْنِي

Oh save me, Most Generous

قَبْلَ أنْ يَفْنَى اصْطِبَارِي

before I run out of patience (with myself)

يَا سَرِيْعَ الْغَوْثِ غَوْثًا

O One who is swift in sending aid

مِنْكَ يُدْرِكْنَا سَرِيْعًا

I ask for aid that will arrive to me swiftly

يَھْزِمُ الْعُسْرَ وَيَأْتِي

It will defeat all difficulty

بِالَّذِي نَرْجُو جَمِيْعًا

and it will bring all that I hope for

يا قَرِيْبًا يا مُجِيْبًا

O Near One Who answers

يا عَلِيْمًا يا سَمِيْعًا

and All-Knowing and All-Hearing

قَدْ تَحَقَّقْتُ بِعَجْزِي

I have attained realization through my incapacity

وخُضُوْعِي وانْكِسَارِي

my submission and my brokenness

لَمْ أَزَلْ بِالْبَابِ وَاقِفْ

I am still standing by the door, so please my Lord

فَارْحَمَنْ ربِّي وُقُوْفِي

have mercy on my standing

وبِوَادِي الْفَضْلِ عَاكِفْ

And in the valley of generosity, I am in i’tikaf (solitary

So, (retreat)

فَأَدِمْ ربِّي عُكُوْفِي

Allah, make my retreat here permanent

ولِحُسْنِ الظَّنِّ لاَزِم

And I’m abiding by good opinion (of You)

فَھُوَ خِلِّي وحَلِيْفِي

For it is my friend and ally

وأَنِيْسِي وجَلِيْسِي

And it is the one that sits by me and keeps me


طُوْلَ لَيْلِي ونَھَارِي

All day and night

حَاجَةً فِي النَّفْسِ يَا ربّ

There is a need in my soul, O Allah

فَاقْضِھَا يا خَيْرَ قَاضِي

so please fulfil it, O Best of Fulfillers

وأَرِحْ سِرِّي وقَلْبِي

And comfort my secret and my heart

مِنْ لَظاَھَا والشُّوَاظِ

from its burning and its shrapnel

فَالْھَنَا والْبَسْطُ حَالِي

For joy and expansion is my state

وشِعَارِي ودِثَارِي

and my motto and my cover

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Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani Rahmatullahi Alaihi

Shaykh Ibn Hajar al Asqalani Rahmatullahi Alihi (الشيخ ابن حجر العسقلاني رحمة الله عليه), a gifted scholar who wrote Fathul Baree (   (فتح الباريan explanation on Sahihul Bukhari is well respected among Islamic scholastic circles. I had the opportunity to visit his Maqam in Cairo which is obscure to many – الحمد لله

I don’t remember the exact location of Maqam of Shaykh Ibn Hajar al Asqalani Rahmatullahi Alihi. What I do remember is riding in a taxi through unpaved alleyways in Garafah al Kubra (the biggest graveyard in Cairo – probably the biggest in the world) where many past Greats are resting.

It was in a winter evening after we had visited Shaykh Ibn Ataullahi Al Iskandari, Khalwa of Sayyidah Nafeesah, Shykh Izzuddin bin Abdussalam (Rahmathullahi Alihim Ajmaeen). We traveled a bit and found the road having water puddles and made a round and entered the Garafah through another route. While doing so our taxi driver got a fine from a patrolling traffic officer for entering the road in wrong direction!

We reached the Maqam of Shaykh Ibn Hajar al Asqalani Rahmatullahi Alihi guided by a foreign scholar studying in Al Azhar after sunset. The place is not known to many as our taxi driver exclaimed that though his family graveyard is in near vicinity he never noticed this great Imam’s Maqam there! The Maqam is not well maintained as we found the wooden roof is displaced and has some holes.

We had earlier visited another Maqam of great Imam Shaykh Abu Ja’afar Al Tahawi Rahmatullahi Alihi which also was in similar condition. Our guide suggested this may be because of lack of followers of the Shaykh in that particular area. He also mentioned one delegation of scholars from India paid visit there and were surprised of the unpopular condition of those Maqams.

Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani (Rahmatullahi Alaihi)’s  Qabr  ( Egypt)

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نشيد يا إمام الرسل يا سندي

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