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In and around Masjid al Nnabawi

Masjidu Nnabawi, own Masjid of our beloved Rasoolullahi (صلى الله عليه و سلم) is a shelter to many believers. They love their Rasoolullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) from depth of the heart and long always to be there is His presence. They feel they were not privileged to be lived in era of Rasoolullahi (صلى الله عليه و سلم) and so were unable to see Him with own eyes. But with their deep love to Him they feel being in vicinity of Roudhah Shareef is of great pleasure to them. So they come in masses to Madinah from all part of the world.

During my recent visit I met at the courtyard of Masjidu Nnabawi an old statesman who had visited Madinah in 1972. He is hailing from south Indian state, Kerala. He was in his early 20s when his utmost desire to reach the Holy places blossomed and he arranged the ship passage charge of 700 Indian Rupees. It was after an eight days voyage he reached Jeddah. He was the only youth in his caravan of around 50 people because only aged people used go for Hajj in those times.

He told both Holy Masjids were smaller with fewer facilities in 1972. The place was full with tents setup by pilgrims over desert sands. He visited the Holy places twice after that and is astonished with facilities now there. All praise to Allah who opened up flood gates of wealth on Arabian Peninsula by means of petrol. Thanks to Allah who powered rulers who have a demonstrative attitude in building up high class facilities in the Holy places.

As means of transportation improved and wealth increased in believer community more people are coming for Hajj. Importantly many are coming for Umrah so making the Holy places busy round the year. With number of pilgrims increasing year by year all these facilities are becoming more and more important.

Umbrellas are erected at courtyard of Masjidu Nnabawi to protect from scorching heat of sun. It is folded during night and spread in day time.

Zamzam is kept in cool containers for thirsty pilgrims fill their stomach. Zamzam is a drink, a food and a medicine!

Cleaning vehicles and men are everywhere who sets the area hygienic.

Even pigeons are engaged in cleaning the Haram by eating up crickets messed up there.


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Islamic Museum in Makkah – Part 4

A brass crescent belonging to one of the minarets of the Holy Mosque dating back to 1299 H

Ash.0.0...-Shumaisi stone moldings dating back to tenth century of the Hijrah

Ash-Shumaisi moldings which used to be above one of the entrance of the Holy Mosque.

A marble arch facade of one of the doors to the holy Mosque dating back to 984 H

Two marble tiles:on one is engraved a cypress and on the other a palm-tree like shape dating back to 1201 H

A wooden door of the Holy Mosque Dating back to the early years of the fourteenthcentury of the Hijrah.

A pillar's base of granite from the twelve th century on Al Hijrah.

A copper pillar which used to be on of the pillars around the Mataf dating back to the First Saudi construction of the Holy Mosque.

A copper door of the Holy Mosque dating Back to First Saudi construction.

Four inscriptions on two stone pillars Recording the reconstruction of the Stance (Maqam) during the reign of the Mamluki Sultan Ashraf Abu An-Nasr Iinal H 858 and Sultan Gansoh Gowry H 915.

The circling nave before the First Saudi Expansion and you can see the wooden stairecase of Al Kaabah behind Zamzam building.

A copper-plated leaf of a door to the pulpit of Sultan Sulaymaan Bin Saliim Khan the Holy Mosque.He ordered it to b made in 966H.

weights made of led used to fix the Kiswa of the Holy Ka'ba dating back to the Saudi era

Copper rings used to fix the Kiswa of the Holy Ka'ba dating back to the Saudi era.

The curtain of the Holy Ka'aba door

A Golden board made of six pieces,on an iron base on which Quranic verses are engraved.This used to be on the Ka'ba wall.dated1119H

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Islamic Museum in Makkah – Part 3

The Kaa’ba, believer’s Qibla in his prayers was well respected, adorned and beautified by many who ruled the Makkah. They kept utmost attention in maintaining and decorating the Holy Kaa’ba. Parts of such vintage pieces are kept in Islamic museum in Makkah “Exhibition of the two Holy Mosque Architecture”.

I had pasted many such of photos in two previous posts on the same subject shown below

Warm and hearty greetings of the Ramadan, leader of Months to all those who visit this blog.

The door to the Ottoman pulpit in the Prophet's Masjid which was made at the order of Sultan Murad III in 998 H

A brassy bowl for drinking zam zam water

A marble midday timer used to determine prayer times before the printing of the Hijiri Calendar

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